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Can My Marriage Survive?

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Marriage is a boon or a bane. This line is quite true, depending on what marital stage you are in. There is actually no statistics which can indicate the percentage of marriages that work and which do not. If you are at the tipping point of your marriage, you need to answer some tough questions first before you release yourself from the chains that bind you or stay put.

Can Your Marriage Survive?

Here are some tough questions to ponder when you are facing marriage on the rocks.

1.   Are you willing to fix your marriage?

Rough patches are common to marriage as colds on wintry weather. Marriage at the beginning seems to look like rainbows and flowers, and it is quite hard to imagine that it will turn into a nightmare. What can blow a great marriage into smithereens? Can you still pick up the pieces? Financial problems, difficulty in raising kids, stress from work or family, or sleeplessness from having a new baby can rock a solid marriage. A single marital problem, when not resolved, can escalate into a series of difficulties. A marriage is a two-way thing to work, and it will if both parties are privy to its success.

2.   Do you still know who you are married to?

Sometimes a long marriage is not a feat in itself. Many ill-fated marriages go on and on because of convenience or the feeling of safety and familiarity. Married couples who do not give time for each other fall into a monotonous life of living separately under one roof. If the animosity has gone on far too long, will you make a way to reach out or go on separate ways?    

3.   Have you tried everything possible to make it work?

Separation is a major life decision that not only involves the couple but the whole family unit. You would probably do a double-take from getting out of a failing marriage when there are kids involved. Separation from your life partner cannot be done in haste or in a moment of fury. Divorce is quite a complicated situation to be in, and one must know what it entails. Survive Divorce can help you with questions you have about divorce, how to go about it, and move forward. Learn from the experience of persons in the same situation you are in to help you decide to push on with your marriage, or it’s time to let go.        

4.   Are you ready for the consequences of your decisions?

Staying in an unhappy and unhealthy marriage has its dire consequences, and so is divorce. You may be looking forward to being free from the ties that bind you, but it would be quite more challenging if you have kids to think of. You may be ready for a divorce, but your children may never be. It would probably be the hardest consequence that you have to face within a divorce. With children, you will never be free because you will still have to share parenthood. And the list can go on and on.

Marriage is no walk in the park, and so is divorce. It takes painstaking effort entering a marriage as does in getting out of one. Make sure you’ve done your best, and there is no more to give before you choose to leave your marriage for good.

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