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7 crazy tricks to know before buying a Bridal Lehenga

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You need to know these crazy tricks before you buy a Bridal Lehenga, if you fit any of the following categories.

  • You are going to get married soon.
  • You just like to plan important milestones like marriage years before you achieve them.
  • You are like every other young adult and like to daydream about your perfect lehenga for your picture-perfect wedding day.
  • You find yourself mentally designing your wedding outfit while browsing the bridal wear collection of, say, a lehenga shop in Los Angeles.
  • You have to buy a lehenga for your significant other.
  • You are planning on wearing or buying a lehenga at any point in your life.

Tricks to buy a trendy Bridal Lehenga

Ideas for buying a bridal lehenga

1. Shop in the right clothes!

Wear nude-colored clothes when you go out to try lehengas. Check your closet to find tight-fitted clothes in colors which are the closest match to your skin color and wear those when you go shopping or trying on lehengas. That way, if you are shown unstitched pieces for the lehenga’s blouse, dupatta, or skirt, you can check it in a mirror without your clothes distracting you from the colors of the cloth.

2. Don’t say the B word!

A golden rule for when you’re on a budget or want non-traditional and light lehengas in unique colors and lower than the usual wedding lehenga prices; don’t ask for Bridal lehengas. Ask for Sangeet or PreWedding lehengas. It is a true fact that asking for a “bridal lehenga” results in a considerable hike in price as compared to asking for a sangeet or a pre-wedding lehenga. The latter is just as heavy and gorgeous as the former, and way easier on your pocket.

3. Patience and Pictures are key to finding the best outfit!

Take your time and look at it from all angles. If you are even the least bit unsatisfied with what you are being shown, drop that lehenga. Take your time in trying on as many lehengas as you want before you find one you like. When you find THE lehenga, don’t rush your decision; the lighting and mirrors in boutiques can make something otherwise dull look deceivingly beautiful so put it on and look at it in pictures taken with the flash on, pictures taken with flash off, in the sunlight, and in dimmed lights.

4. Pay attention to ALL parts of your lehenga!

As epic and mesmerizing lehenga skirts can be, you need to focus on the dupatta and blouse too because they are the most visible part of your outfit in pictures and have the power of making and breaking your look. Check the inner lining of your dupatta as well as its shade to make sure it is not duller/brighter than the blouse and skirt in different lightings and doesn’t make your face or skin tone look weird. Bright pinks and reds in dupattas can brighten up your face while darker hues can make it appear dull. Make sure your blouse is comfortable and as long and fit as you want it to be.

5. Jewelry first- Lehenga second!

Buy your lehenga after matching it to your already-bought jewelry instead of the other way around. Jewelry is a one-time investment and way more expensive than lehengas. If you don’t find the right jewelry and in turn, the embroidery and design of the lehenga don’t go well with the jewelry—let’s just say that is not a situation you want to be stuck in. You can make your choice of lehenga easily once you have selected your jewelry and use it as inspiration.

6. Be nice to your pockets!

Weddings mean time and money. It is totally fair if you don’t want to spend money on buying a pricey heavy lehenga which you know you probably will not wear a second time. Here are some tips: rent a lehenga or two instead of buying one, or you can even opt for buying a third-copy of designer lehengas and save a massive amount of money while fulfilling all your dreams of extravagant colors and fabric, and glittery motifs and embroidery.

7. Don’t follow the trends so blindly and keep an open mind!

Before going shopping, you will probably look up the latest bridal trends and decide the color, fabric, design, type of embroidery that you want on your lehenga adjusted according to your preferences and the factors such as weather, venue, etc. But here is a reminder to keep an open mind because what works for those models in Google pictures, may not be the right choice for you on your wedding day. Don’t compromise your own style and comfort for the sake of the hottest trends. Try different traditional and non-traditional colors and be open to “last-season” designs.

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