Bridal Make-up ideas for Wedding Brides – Mehndi, Barat and Walima Bridal Makeover

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Make-up is one of the most favourite tasks of women and it contributes a lot towards building a good impression and a better grooming. Its importance cannot be denied in any case that is why almost all young ladies and women can been seen with layers of cosmetics over their face in functions and even casual routine. When it comes to weddings, a bride is nothing without make-up. Different beauty salons offer good packages for bridal make-up including manicures, pedicures, facials, wax, mehndi, and other such grooming techniques, but they definitely charge heavily for them, that’s why you may have observed that a good bridal make-up costs you no less than 20,000 PKR, or if you go only for the facial make-up on your big day excluding all other little tasks of the package, it may still cost you 15000 plus. If you want to save your money and time, you can go for your own facial, mehndi and other little grooming by yourself by watching some easy tutorials that we are just going to present you. This article will introduce with best Bridal makeup ideas for your big day that are currently in trend nationwide, along with some bridal make-up tutorials.

You can go for any of these tutorials to try yourself or even if you can’t do yourself, you may get a better idea to show it to your beautician and wear it on your wedding day. The beauty of your dresses, no matter how expensive or embellished they are, can only be enhanced by a good makeover, which if not done in an appropriate way can go the other way round and spoil your entire look. So be very careful while you decide to wear any sort of make-up. It shouldn’t only be within trend but also go fine with your dress and face’s shape.

bridal-make-up-ideas (5)

Bridal Makeup ideas 2017 – Bridal Make-up tutorials Step by Step:

The following photo session has been entertained with pictorial representation of Bridal makeup ideas for Mehndi, Barat and Walima brides. Although many brides love to stay simple on Mehndi, yet a little grooming can give you a more attractive look. If you were looking out for some makeover ideas for your big day, then you have hit the most appropriate place. Just check out the following images and select the one that goes fine with your wedding dress and your face’s shape.

bridal makeup ideas

bridal-make-up-ideas (4)

bridal-make-up-ideas (1)

bridal-make-up-ideas (3)

bridal-make-up-ideas (6)

bridal-make-up-ideas (7)

bridal-make-up-ideas (9)

bridal-makeover-ideas (5)

bridal-makeover-ideas (10)

bridal-makeover-ideas (7)

bridal-makeover-ideas (8)

bridal-makeover-ideas (9)

bridal-makeover-ideas (13)bridal-makeover-ideas (1)

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