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How to apply Blush On Perfectly, Step by Step Tutorial

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Makeup! An art has become a necessity in today’s world. Just as oxygen is necessary to breath, similarly to live in this modern era, makeup has become a requisite for every lass. Every girl wants and has the right to look beautiful and charming. The markets are overloaded with makeup-items and the brands are always found busy in introducing new varieties, but it totally depends on us to sort out products that suits us the best and even if we are successful in finding such products, we must know how to carry them!  Every single makeup-item has it’s own importance and has a unique way to carry it. Obviously, it depends upon the face shape, features and personality. You all would be a fan of magazine models with perfect makeovers? You all would have wondered why there is a feeling of flawlessness and excellence in their look! It is because their contouring and all other stuff is done according to their facial shape and features. This post will introduce you to a very simple blush application tutorial with easy steps to follow.

Blush, that has a great consequence but if not worn according to the facial shape could transform the whole appearance! With a diversity of face shapes as round, rectangular, square, heart etc, the method of applying blush also varies. Many girls complain and grumble that the makeover does not go well with their face just because of their features, but the thing is that they don’t take a crack at seeking the ways that turn out well for them.

blush application tutorialHow-to-apply-blush-step-by-step-tutorial (1)

Blush Application Tutorial – Step by Step Pictorial Guide to apply Blush On:

So here’s the step by step blush application tutorial to learn how to apply blush impeccably at home!

Step 1: Recognize your face shape:

First let yourself know about your facial-form.

How-to-apply-blush-on-step-by-step-tutorial (7)


Step 2: Learn about brushes and what they are meant for:

For blushing, many types of brushes are used and each is meant for some particular purpose.

How-to-apply-blush-on-step-by-step-tutorial (2)

Step 3: Where to apply blush:

As according to different facial forms, blushing is done accordingly. So opt for the one according to your form.

How-to-apply-blush-on-step-by-step-tutorial (1)How-to-apply-blush-on-step-by-step-tutorial (3)

Step 4: Apply Blush:

First apply highlighter, then go for the blush and underneath it, apply bronzer for contouring and making cheek bones prominent.

How-to-apply-blush-on-step-by-step-tutorial (6)

How-to-apply-blush-on-step-by-step-tutorial (4)

Follow these simple and easy steps and wear a magical and glamorous look by a perfect application of blush on your face. Do share your views about this tutorial in the comment box. Stay connected with Stylesglamour Beauty Tips Gallery for more makeup tutorials and tricks.

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