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5 Fashionable Birthday Gifts for Him

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If your partner’s birthday is around the corner, it’s the high time you pick the perfect present for your man. There are lots of ideas you can choose from, and basically whatever you pick is going to be quite all right as long as you present it with love and care.

Birthday Gifts for Him

However, if you still don’t know what to choose, here are five fashionable gifts you can always count on.


Even if your man isn’t the biggest fan of accessories in the world, he probably owns one, as no outfit is complete without a matching watch. There are several styles you can look into – your classic automatic watch, personally engraved watch, for instance – or you can pick something extraordinary and unique such as a skeleton watch. This will make your man look more classy and elegant than ever, and it’s just the thing he needs to feel special every day of the week.


No matter what kind of footwear your man prefers, having a great pair of socks is always a must. These come in lots of colors and patterns, and you could even go for those no show socks that are quite perfect for the summer. This is something men generally don’t have a tendency to buy, and they sometimes wear the same socks for years, so updating their wardrobe and getting them something nice will surely make their day. And if you add some matching shoelaces into the picture as well, they’ll be happier than you can imagine.


This is another accessory item lots of men don’t pay that much attention to, and that’s why you need to step in and give them a hand. There are several styles of wallets you can explore, but you can always rely on those sleek men’s leather wallets that are handy and made with care. Alternatively, you can go for a credit card holder, but if you’re not sure what your man prefers, don’t be afraid to ask him beforehand and get him just the right type of wallet.

Skincare and hair products

Even though most men don’t pay that much attention to the health of their skin and hair, this is quite important and something they should never ignore. Taking care of your skin, hair and beard on a daily basis is important for their health and their appearance, so giving them quality grooming products is an amazing idea. Beard and mustache grooming combs and brushes, as well as different beard oils, creams and balms are just some of the grooming ideas that could make your man more fashionable, but also healthier and happier at the same time.


Even though it’s still February, summer is going to arrive sooner than you hope, and having a cool pair of shades is a must. Lots of guys prefer aviator shades, regardless of their age and personal style, so consider getting them a pair of these for his birthday. Aviator shades are elegant and classy, they can be easily combined with all sorts of clothes, and used on different occasions – even the most formal ones. But, what’s even better is that they’re more than durable and will surely stay just as new in the years and decades to come too – moreover, they might look even better on a slightly older man, so get them right now and you’ll be able to enjoy their look in the future as well!

Picking a perfect birthday gift for your man is never easy, no matter how well you know him, so relying on one of these ideas is a sure way to hit a home run!

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