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How to Make Small Eyes Look Bigger With Make-up? Best Make-up Tricks

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Hey there! We are right back to bring some more interesting and trendy fashion stuff for you ladies. Make-up is something whose importance cannot be denied in any case. A lady without a little makeover seems incomplete. It is not like that without makeup you are incomplete but there is something missing which can give you a more elegant and stylish look. If applied properly make-up has the power to change one’s entire look and give a glamorous touch to one’s face. It has always been used by ladies as well as gents to enhance the facial beauty and make the features look more prominent and pretty. Here we are going to discuss some helpful tips and tricks with you people to apply them on your eyes and give them a magical look with this simple bigger eyes makeup tutorial.

Certain parts of the face need a special attention while making over, for example eyes and lips. Eyes are among those significant features of human face that are noticed first of all and are certainly one of the most prominent organs. If you have large eyes then you are lucky enough to grab everyone’s attention by a very little grooming and even a very light makeover can give a fantastic look to your eyes and hence to your overall face. But if you belong to that class or race of humans who have small eyes then you would surely love knowing about some make-up tricks and techniques to elongate your eyes and make them look pretty bigger and prettier.

bigger eyes makeup tutorial

Bigger Eyes Makeup Tutorial – 8 Make-up Tips to Make Eyes look Bigger:

The following session covers up some good makeover techniques to elongate small eyes and help them contribute their best to the overall facial beauty. Have a look at this bigger eyes makeup tutorial and get inspired by these classy tips.

1. Treat your eye problems:

Use certain techniques to do away with eye problems. Follow the health care tips and take appropriate nap for this purpose.

How-to-make-eyes-look-bigger-with-make-up (9)

2. Shape your Eye brows:

The shape of your eyebrows has a noticeable effect on how your eyes look. So try to shape and pluck your eyebrows neatly to give a bigger look to your eyes.

How-to-make-eyes-look-bigger-with-make-up (5)

3. Remove dark circles:

Try to get rid of dark circles. You may use cold spoons for this purpose.

How-to-make-eyes-look-bigger-with-make-up (10)

How-to-make-eyes-look-bigger-with-make-up (11)

4. Line wet line with white color:

Lining your wet line with white or other light colors will make your eyes look pretty bigger.

How-to-make-eyes-look-bigger-with-make-up (2)

5. Eyeliner Trick:

Applying eyeliner smartly can help you make it through. The best way to achieve your goal by using eyeliner is that, apply it normally on the upper lash but while doing the lower lash apply it only on the lash line and avoid applying it inside the rim. This would give your eyes a bigger look.

How-to-make-eyes-look-bigger-with-make-up (1)

6. Winged Eyeliner:

Instead of applying the normal eye line, try applying winged eyeliner approaching the outer edges of your eyes.

How-to-make-eyes-look-bigger-with-make-up (3)

7. Elongate your eyelashes:

Elongating your eyelashes give an extraordinary and fabulous look to your eyes. For this you may use artificial eyelashes or apply mascara.

How-to-make-eyes-look-bigger-with-make-up (6)

How-to-make-eyes-look-bigger-with-make-up (7)

How-to-make-eyes-look-bigger-with-make-up (8)

8. Apply White eyeshadow:

Applying white colored eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eyes will elongate them giving a much classier look.

How-to-make-eyes-look-bigger-with-make-up (4)

Follow the above mentioned tips and enjoy the classy and dramatic look of your large elongated eyes.

How-to-make-eyes-look-bigger-with-make-up (13)

How-to-make-eyes-look-bigger-with-make-up (14)

How-to-make-eyes-look-bigger-with-make-up (15)

So this was all about today. Please leave your feedback in the comment section about this article and keep visiting Stylesglamour Make-up Tips Gallery for more makeover techniques and ideas.

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