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2020’s Best Shoes Collection to be Obsessed With

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Nothing makes a woman as happy as shopping for herself does. The right look can do wonders for the self-esteem of a woman. It makes you feel and look confident and optimistic. One of the most important elements of your outfit are shoes. For most people, footwear makes or breaks the look and personality of a person. Thus, it’s very important for you to have a shoe closet as elaborate and varied as your clothes wardrobe. To help you with that, Ideas Pret has the best collection of women’s shoes that’s going to make your shoe-shopping all the most interesting and fun.

A household brand when it comes to high-end fashion, Ideas has a collection of women’s shoes that are unique, stylish and sophisticated all the same. Whether it’s a formal dinner party, a regular day at office or a girl’s night out – Ideas has the most comfortable and chic shoes for women that would take your footwear game to another level.

The right women’s shoes are nothing less than an investment. Okay, it may sound strange, but hear me out. When you’r shopping for ladies’ shoes, make sure you find a pair that is perfect in all departments i.e. comfort, look, sole (the soul of the shoe) etc. The right shoe would stay with you forever, helping you save a lot of money and hassle. Therefore, Ideas is the perfect option when you’re on a lookout for the most reliable and comfy womens shoes.

Best Shoes Collection 2020

For your convenience, here we bring you some of the best shoes from the Ideas Womens Shoes Collection 2020that would give you a carefree yet stylish look.

1. Trendy Grey Flats

These pretty and stylish grey flats are one of the best from the women’s shoes collection by Ideas. For a formal dinner party, these sandals are the call for the day! The exceptional geometric design of the flats makes them shine out from the lot.

Ladies chappal

2. Embellished Black Flats

One can never go wrong when it comes to black. Imagine how beautiful your feet will look in these ornamental black sandals. Walking in an event in these flats would certainly make you look nothing less than a boss babe.

Black flats for women

3. Ice Blue Tassel Flats

So, you decided to dress casual to office on a Saturday. And, I completely understand that the day is as horrible as it sounds. To make your day a little better than what it already is, here are a pair of super cool flats from the Ideas womens shoes collection. The combination of the serene color and hip tassels hits you in the right spot.

Ice blue flats for ladies

4. Navy Criss-Cross Sandals

These runway inspired sandals are my personal favorite from the Ideas womens shoe collection. The bold navy color combined with the popular crisscross design makes these shoes a perfect fit for all occasions.

Navy classic criss cross shoes

5. Black Cheetah Print Flats

This year, animal print has changed the game for fashion all across the globe and people are going crazy over it. Adding these black sandals with a cheetah print to your outfit would instantly augment a chic and high-class feel to your look for the day! You don’t want to miss out on the trend of the year!

Cheetah print flats

6. Stylish Black Flats

Of all the fierce animals out there, a snake is the sleekest and most lustrous of them all, all the while being dangerous. For a fierce and fiery girl that you’re, these black womens shoes with a touch of snake print would give you an effortlessly elegantlook that is comfortable at the same time!

Classic black flats for women

7. Black and White Sandals

Now that we’re talking about animal prints, we CAN’T miss these zebra print ladies’ shoes. Unlike other animal prints, this one here gives an appealing eye to your look. If you’re planning a fun day out with your friends, these cute and bubbly sandals would sure help you create a classy and girly look for yourself.

Black and white shoes

8. Love the Lilacs

So, you’re invited to your college reunion and you have a chic and stylish look for yourself in mind. As you go into the details of the dress that you have planned, leave it on the Ideas womensshoe collection to have the best pair of shoes for you. These light purple sandals with gold embellishments have the right amount of style and funk for a reunion.

Lilac shoes for women

9. Crystal Grey Flats

As a woman, we have always had a thing for exquisite stones, specially when they are crystal shaped. Stones exude a strange elegance and class when worn. These crystal grey flats would satiate your hunger for these stones and make you look nothing less than a queen.

Crystal grey flats for women

10. Luxurious Beige Flats

This pair of womens shoes would definitely seal the deal for you. The softness added by the beige color, combined with the delicacy of the golden embellishments make these flats a show stealer.

Beige flats for women

11. Black Sliders

For a Saturday spent on a shopping spree, you would make the least effort for your outfit. A jeans and a t-shirt would do. However, make sure you that the sandals you select for the day are fun and comfortable. These black sliders from the Ideas womens shoe collection fit perfectly into the description. The shoes would make you look fashionable without a lot of struggle or effort!

Black flats for ladies by Gul Ahmed best shoes collection

Get ready for some shoe shopping

This summer while you’re preparing your best outfits and staying up-to-date with the latest trends of the year, don’t forget to add the perfect shoes. Ideas Pret provides you a womens shoe collection that has trendy and unique designs. You would not find women’ shoes like these anywhere else. Cherry on the top, they have a summer sale going on. THIS MEANS SHOPPING. Hurry, visit your nearest Ideas store or shop online for the best shoes for women in the country!

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