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Top 10 Best moisturizing winter creams for men and women

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Here is the peak of winters with their harsh, chilly winds and dry moods that would be making your skin dull,dry and with an imbalanced pH! Winters start up with a totally new range of products like moisturizers, lotions, warm clothes etc. Being a girl or even a boy, it’s a dream of everyone to have a fresh looking skin in winters. For that sake, the right type of moisturizer is the best option to keep going with healthy, beautiful skin. While going out in cold weather, the saviours help to protect, hydrate and nourish skin and they also work well for acne-facing people. So, here we’ve summed up the list of top 10 best moisturizing winter creams. Pick your choice and get rid of all your worries!

List of Best moisturizing Winter creams and lotions for winter:

1). Origins the make a difference ultra plus:

At the top of the list of Best Moisturizing Winter Creams comes the Origins. The powerful skin product that enhances the ability of skin to replenish, keeping it soft, supple and hydrated. It is enriched with proteins, urea, watermelon and lychee extracts that serves the skin very-well! With the availability in three versions: an Ultra-Rich version for extremely dry , and an oil-free treatment for combination/oily but dehydrated skin_types.

Best Moisturizing Winter Creams


2). L’Oreal triple active moisturizer:

A name known for standard products! This mixture is another magic by L’Oreal. With omega ceramides, glycerin,vitamin E , vitamin B5 and UV filters that provide long-lasting hydration, protection and nourishment. Though thick enough, yet it will not let one feel greasy or sticky. Excellent for dry and sensitive skin people.

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3). Clinique Super Defense Moisturizer:

With the comfortable-on-skin whipped cream texture, it is well-liked by women. Clinique_cream has barley and wheat extracts that helps to rehydrate the skin and avoid the layer from getting dried up. Also, it contains some sea whipp extracts and caffeine that soothes sensitised derma and the UV filters defend from the harmful winter UVA. It glides on skin and absorbs quickly that anyone could wear everyday. SPF 20 helps to neutralize UVA & UVB radiations.This cream has shown awesome results against aging skin.

top 10 winter moisturizing creams (5)


4). Vichy Aqualia Serum:

It improves the diffusion of moisture through the epidermis and has proved to work best in winters with an all day protection! Vichy says: The poor water circulation in your face results in the loss of freshness of face, which is more prominent in winters when skin loses more moisture than at any other time of the year. So, the French skin_care company has launched this product that present a 24-hour irrigation system that work right down the deep epidermis layer.

top 10 winter moisturizing creams (7)


5). Olay:

Hydrating skin is really important, give it the daily dose by slathering this ultra-moisturizing cream. Olay products are renowned for their best results, affordable rates and easily accessible throughout! This cream has beneficial glycerin that will keep you shinning and will add more charm to your looks this season.

top 10 winter moisturizing creams (4)

6). L’Oreal Revitalift Triple Power Deep-Power:

This light weight formula is composed of hyaluronic acid and Pro-Xylane that stimulates the production of collagen, leaving it super plump looking, fights wrinkles, replenishes facial volume and re-firms contours.

top 10 winter moisturizing creams (2)


7). Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel:

This moisturizer is 100% oil free and non-comedogenic that won’t clog pores and is the most-excellent remedy for dry skin in winters! It contains humectants that replicate the natural water-binding functions of skin and help to replenish the moisture for upto 24-hours. It is also a good stuff for acne-facing people!

top 10 winter moisturizing creams (3)

8). Clarins :

An ultra-moisturizing-skincare solution, with fine penetrating texture that satisfies the needs of normal to dry skins. Clarins has done a research and has proved that Katafray bark significantly accelerate hydration and improves the skin texture.

top 10 winter moisturizing creams (3)


9). Ponds:

An in-depth and permanent glow provided by this cream makes you feel more charming and adorable. With a striking merge of sunflower oil, soya proteins and lipids that pampers the derma and makes it glowy and rosy in cold season.

top 10 winter moisturizing creams (1)


10).  Nivea Soft:

It is suitable for everyday use for hands, face and body. Supplemented with natural jojoba oil and vitamins like E to preserve skin that absorbs readily leaving it supple and invigorated. A dermatologically approved product with neutral pH. Available in a fraction of price!

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