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Top 10 Most Popular and Best Selling Men’s Perfumes of all Time

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With the millions of perfumes in the market out there, it gets challenging to opt for the right perfume! As a man’s appearance is considered incomplete without good clothes, and so is the case with the scents! In fact a man’s personality is imperfect without a good cologne. Many men are habitual of sticking to the same smell and don’t like to try new ones, which is not a nice practice, because it could hinder your presence letting you miss the new scents available in market! So, always try new and innovative colognes, that would make you feel better and distinguishing! There is no single best fragrance for men in the market, so when choosing an odor, make sure it would perfectly match your personality! There are couples of men’s-scents at the stores, each having different strength and notes. Go for something genuine, that may not misrepresent your persona! Here we have rounded up the top 10 best men’s perfumes that will surely help you guys for making a perfect choice.

Best Men’s Perfumes – Hit List of Top 10 Seductive fragrances:

1). Guerlain Homme:

At number one on the list of best men’s perfumes comes Guerlain Homme. A name that is identified as a head of scents for men, for more than 20 years. Whenever someone is interested in trying new smells, then it’s name is always going to be in the list! A combo of novelty and strength amalgamated with mysterious and intense aroma. The bottle comes with an intense composition, with it’s vibrant freshness lent by mojito accord, floral and green woody accord! Not being too overwhelming, with unique masculinity and long-lasting effect gives it superiority that gentlemen love to put on.

Best Men's Perfumes

2). Mont Blanc Legend Eau de Toilette Spray:

Though introduced in 2011, yet is brand is successful in making it’s mark! With the notes of bergamot, pineapple leaf, sandalwood and tonka bean, it is a perfect item for parties. It is confident and charismatic and well suited for non-aggressive and polite guys.


Top 10 men's perfumes (1)



3). BVLGARI Man in Black:

This label is always busy in setting the standard for luxury. This name is well-known particularly for it’s jewelry and is now one of the leading suppliers of style and beauty. With their innovative trinkets, Bvlgari launched a collection of perfumes that are equally as luxurious. With magnetic and alluring odor, this scent has a powerful composition of spices, leather, amber and woods. The core of the essence are iris absolut, tuberose and leather, placed on the base of tonka bean, benzoin and guaiac wood that satisfies a modern man!

Top 10 men's perfumes (3)


4). Gaultier 2 By Jean Paul Gaultier:

A lush fragrance for both Men&Women that was introduced in 2005. Being attractive and affordable, it is well-liked. This cologne lasts longer and has the notes of amber and vanilla that give the sensation of a deluxe desert at a top french restaurant. A totally captivating smell!

Top 10 men's perfumes (8)



5). Allure Sport CHANEL:

A pure magic in terms of longevity and compliments! Though a simple scent, but is based on exceptional raw-materials and was launched in 1999 by Jacques Polge . An opus of four fragrant lines: warm pepper sharpness, green freshness, elegance and strength of wood and sensuality of tonka and labdanum. These lines create a harmonious whole. Top-notes include lemon, peach, mandarin and bergamot with some notes-of geranium, rose, freesia, jasmine,sandalwood and vanilla.

Top 10 men's perfumes (4)


6). Dolce & Gabbana The One:

Introduced by the design house of Dolce&Gabbana. An excellent choice for the hot people! A vivacious combination of basil, grapefruit, basil, warm_notes of cardamom and ginger with some base_notes of ambery alongwith Cedarwood. It comes with an elegantly massive bottle with a classic design!

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7). Euphoria Men By CALVIN KLEIN:

A product that is neither too subtle nor too powerful. CK is one of top developer in clothing line. A woody essence launched in 2006 created by Carlos Benaim, Loc Dong and Jean-Marc Chaillan. With addictive hint, modern-freshness that depicts pure masculinity. Top_notes are ginger and pepper; middle_notes are black basil, sage and cedar; base_notes are amber, patchouli, brazilian redwood and suede. A must have thing!

Top 10 men's perfumes (2)


8. )GUESS Seductive Homme Blue:

A worth have aroma with a stylish design to make one an attractive and fascinating man! The whiff is sensual, airy and refreshing that would make a man bold, legendary and sexy. With a word seductive, it is enriched with spices and woody flavour, the top notes are citrus caviar, cardamom and black pepper. The heart includes Blue Coral AquaSpace accord and geranium, followed by the base of cashmere wood, moss and Rippled Sand accord.

Top 10 men's perfumes (7)



The house of Paco Rabanne’s has announced this product and is known for freshness with the sensual blend of notes with glittery shine of gold. The pure symbol of manliness, with luxurious packaging, golden body and diamond crown. The notes include grapefruit, cinnamon, blood orange, rose, mint, cinnamon, blond leather, amber and patchouli. The bottle of this edition is made in golden nuances that represents wealth, power, luxury and durability.

Top 10 men's perfumes (6)


10). BOSS bottled NO. 6

While going through the list of best men’s perfumes world wide, how can one forget mentioning about BOSS bottkes NO. 6. The woodsy notes gives off the male dominance! The design_house of Boss introduced it in 1999. It’s fragrant nature explores essences of fern, bergamot and pineapple, merged with the notes of lavender, â juniper and geranium, boss # 6 is a casual type of fragrance!

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So how was the list of most famous and best Men’s Perfumes? Do share your views. Keep visiting Stylesglamour Top 10 gallery for more popular items.

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