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Top 10 Most Famous and Bestselling Mascara Brands

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A big hello to my people! If a girl is asked to pick one thing  out of the cosmetics, then without a shred of doubt, she would go for “Mascara”. At this moment in time, Mascaras play a key role in make-over, in fact one must say that all other make-up-things stand on one side, but mascara still leads them all. We would like to share the list of best mascara brands with you today, so you may keep the best one in your bag all the time to look fab.

Mascara adds a natural beauty to face, thereby adding more charm to our appearance. Are you are makeup buff? Then picking out a perfect mascara is a quite tricky task to subjugate. So, here we have amassed the top 10 Best mascara brands with their premium wands of lash packs. Hopefully, you’ll love the compilation!

Hit list of Top 10 Best Mascara brands of All-Time:

1). Chanel

Chanel has been leading the market since many years with it’s amazing and dazzling products! While talking about beauty products, then one can’t stop thinking about Chanel. The ideal shaped brushes, smooth coverage and subtle outcomes makes it just the thing for day use.

2). Dior

Among loads of lash-labels, Dior is a notable mark, that we can’t put behind. Those who have an inferiority of short length-lashes, should use Dior as it’s never goes thick and coats even the  smallest of the hair. It does everything that one wants!

Best Mascara Brands

3). L’Oreal Paris

A renowned name, known for it’s perfumes, hair items and particularly makeover things. All the goods of this brand, including mascaras have got successful in leading the market. Their lash-packs give a more thicker look to lashes and thereby they appear to be more voluminous, covering every single tiny hair.


4). Max-Factor

The secret behind the wonderful doll-eyelashes is the number of times we restock! Max-Factor is another mark with amazing objects like foundations etc. Their mascara’s forte is the brush, that coats equably and allows precise application!

Max Factor


5). Maybelline

This item is less goopy and is more considerable and substantial, leaving the lashes totally clump-free. Eye-lashes could be encrusted , therefore making the eyes to appear big and fluttery.


6). Yves Saint Laurent

So you want a twiggy look with doe eyes? Then apply Yves-Saint-Laurent Product , that will give an enchanting & spectacular outlook. Presents false-lash effect and lash-by-lash separation.

Yves saint laurent


7). Benefit

Benefit mascaras have a plus point, that whenever one puts it on, it seems as if she’s wearing false-lashes but they’re REAL actually! It thickens the lashes and lengthens them. With a specific kinda brush, having spines and bristles at the tip, to lengthen the corner hair as well. It really does, what it says! That is why it is sold every 15 seconds in UK alone.





8). Lancome

To achieve the appearance of dramatic and impressive eyes, settle on Lancome! Their products provide ultra-volume lashes from roots to tips. Get perfectly defined lashes with Lancome, that has received many awards and most of the artists prefer this mark.




9). Revlon

Revlon products are available at affordable prices , and it’s mascara too is reasonably priced and it truely promises exaggerated-lashes without looking too heavy.


10). CoverGirl

Do you hate it when clumps of mascara sticks on your eyes? Well yah!  It looks weird. So, go for Cover-Girl as it coats evenly and slickly with the fine toothed brush. Even by layering it several times, doesn’t make it bulky .

Cover girl

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