Top 10 Best Selling MAC foundations for all skin types

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Hello ladies! Hope you all are glowing. Foundation is such a thing which lie in the must have category of a girl or women. They do what any other product can’t! But a perfectly matched foundation is not that easy to find.  Half of the battle is over when you’ve finalized the brand name, but the actual combat starts when you have to select the color of base. MAC is a leading name famous for the excellent foundations with a variety of hues and for all skin types. Here we would like to share the hit list of top ten Best Mac Foundations for tones and kinds of skin.

Hit list of Top Ten Best MAC Foundations for All Skin Tones:

Check out their outstanding foundations listed below:

Mac Foundation shades and colors Top-10-Best-mac-foundations-for-all-skin-types (12)

     1. MAC studio fix powder plus foundation:

An oil control formula that gives a matte appearance. It comes with a range of 46 shades to provide a medium coverage. It blends very well with a flawless glow.

Best Mac Foundations

     2. MAC face and body foundation:

A mild fluid, giving a natural glow with moisturizing effects. It is suitable for the daily use with a range of shades.

MAC liquid foundation Base

     3. Matchmaster SPF 15 foundation:

With the flexible colors and medium coverage, this product gives a matte finishing. It adds a natural glow to the face and lasts for almost 8 to 9 hours.

best-mac-foundations-for-all-skin-types (1)

     4. MAC pro-long wear foundation:

It stays for up to 15 hours without making the skin sticky and dull.   It alters the cheerless skin into the cheerful one.

MAC liquid foundation for dark skin tone

     5. MAC studio fix fluid SPF 15:

It controls oil and gives a matte finishing. It provides full coverage, hiding spots and un-even patches on skin.

Mac liquid foundation

     6. Studio sculpt SPF 15 foundation:

A hydrating formula best for dry skin that turns a drab and boring face into a fabulous one. It lends medium coverage.

MAC liquid Base

     7. MAC full coverage foundation:

A long wearing item that is water resistant and is for full coverage. It comes in 16 tints. It hides the imperfections and un-even areas of skin and blends easily and evenly.

best-mac-foundations-for-all-skin-types (4)

     8. Pro-long wear SPF 20 compact foundation:

Meant for 10 hour wear, it aids a sheer coverage with matte finishing. There are 17 available shades of this item in market.

Mac Pro-long wear SPF 20 compact foundation

     9. Mineralize foundation:

The 11 hues of this for different skin-tones and a hydrating effect gives off natural shine. It mixes easy and conceals dark circles and spots.

MAC Mineralize foundation

     10. Mineralize moisture SPF 15 foundation:

A luminizing product capable of giving natural look and a sheer coverage. It also has an additional property of sun screen to re-vitalize the skin for many hours.

MAC Mineralize moisture SPF 15 foundationSo how was the list of Best Mac Foundations of all times? Do share your views in the comment section. Stay connected with Stylesglamour Cosmetics Gallery to get latest updates about new makeup brands and beauty products.

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