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15 Best and Easy ways to make your makeup last longer

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Hello trendy weeds! A big problem of women is going to be put in to light today. Going out to work or study is Applying make-up in the morning, and in evening when you get home, see raccoon eyes and foundation marks or dried out skin and spots appearing again? and you are like, “Did I look that all day ?”. We can help you solve this issue and have a flawless even make-up almost all day, with Just a few simple changes in your make-up routine, and applying it more properly in just a few proper steps. Just go through a few very simple long lasting makeup tips here and enjoy a fresh look all the day.

Long Lasting Makeup Tips – How to keep your makeup last for longer:

1. Wash your face. Wash away dirt, sebum and old makeup to help your fresh makeup last longer. If you put fresh stuff on un-clean face, it’ll tend makeup to slip off, fade, turn Grey or flake away. Remember! Don’t use harsh soap as it’ll not only disturb your makeup but can also cause irritation, allergy or pimples on skin.


2. Exfoliate the dead skin on your face a few times a week. Especially with age, busy hectic routine and pollution, exfoliating the face helps a lot as applying makeup on dead skin can cause flake offs. Your makeup will look, feel and behave better on a smooth face. A Light facial brush can be used to remove the dead skin. Rub it in circles, never press to hard in and scrubbing because it may damage skin and can cause rashes.

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A Homemade sugar scrub works well as a gentle exfoliant.

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Never ignore the lips. They need to be exfoliated too, in order for lipstick to stay in place as dead rotten lip skin makes lipstick look bad. This is one of the most important long lasting makeup tips to follow.

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3. Moisturize well! Use oil free gel moisturizer for oily skin, and for dry skin use a more nourishing one. It’s best to use a moisturizer with at least SPF 15 in it to protect your skin from the sun, or a separate SPF 45 if you live in a sunny place. If you are older or have wrinkles due to any cause, use a moisturizer with anti-wrinkle properties but don’t overdo with the moisturizers.

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4. Prime your face.Primer is the best trick to make your makeup stay in place longer. Some primers are bit costly but you don’t need to use very much for a good finish. Apply the primer throughout your face, especially over red areas or oily areas, and any blemishes that you want to cover.

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5. Use an eye primer. It helps eye shadow last longer and prevents creasing in the lid if You have large bulging eyes, you surely will need this specially in summer . Also, it makes colors seem more vibrant and less translucent. liquid concealer can be a substitute too. If you don’t use a lot of eye makeup, an eye primer may not be necessary. Eye primer helps your eyeliner stay in place


6. Get a good matte foundation. If Liquid foundation don’t suits you, use a mineral foundation. Matte stays longer on skin as well on lips and gives lighter coverage then liquid, but it will trap bacteria in your skin and will allow your face to breathe. You can use a cream foundation, powder foundation, cream to powder foundation, or tinted moisturizer. Mineral makeup may be good for some, but for others it can be a drag. Getting the color right can be difficult if you have yellow undertones.

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7.Use a translucent setting powder. a clear or very lightly tinted face powder that sets and gives a matte appearance to your face without the added coverage of powder and smoothens with a natural texture. A drugstore brand will work just as well as one from a high-end brand. it can also be used to make lip color last longer.

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8. Choose long-wear lip color. Lipsticks now are formulated to stay on your lips all day long, even when you eat and drink. Matte is also a good option if you have smooth lips, Make sure to moisturize your lips properly before applying as long-wear is very drying and will create flakes otherwise.


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For longer-lasting color, use a lip liner around your color. This helps the shape stay firm all day long but don’t line too dark than the filling.

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9.Use powdered eye shadow. Applying this needs primer to keep it in place, otherwise it will smudge and look horrible especially in summer. Cream shadows tend to slip off a lot more easily. Apply the powder to the primer using an eye shadow brush, and let it set . Don’t use too many colors in daily routine.


10.Use waterproof mascara.Waterproof or smudge proof mascara work well to keep your eyes looking fresh all day. Waterproof mascara won’t budge if you happen to get wet or cry. Just make sure you don’t sleep with it, as it will clump and make your lashes fall off. Do not waste money on mascara primer as it weighs down your eyelashes, making them look shorter, curled and light lashes look longer.


11. Take your time applying your makeup. Slapping makeup on face and rush it as a big cause of freaking makeup. After applying each layer wait five minutes before applying the next one. This will go a long way toward helping your makeup stay in place all day long.

12. Avoid touching your face during the day. Every time you touch your face, you’re removing a little bit of makeup and increasing the chances it’ll get smudged as well causing the bacteria of your hands infect your skin. So use tissue paper and avoid doing with your fingers as much as possible.

13. Go lighter during the summer. When it’s hot outside, wearing a ton of makeup is a nightmare. As you perspire,sweat and heat up, your makeup will naturally come off a lot more easily. The best thing to do is wear waterproof eye makeup and go easy on the foundation, rather than fighting to keep it in place all day long. and never ever apply and wash makeup repeatedly in a day as it causes tanning.


14. Tie your hair up more often. brushing hair against your face all day long is a sure way to take off your makeup a little faster. When it’s essential for your makeup to stay set all day, go for an up-do style that day.

15. Making makeup last longer without a primer! Create a clean surface for the makeup to adhere to. Makeup won’t stick to skin that is oily, so make sure your skin is clean and dry by washing it and drying it prior to applying makeup. If your skin is still oily, or you don’t want to wash it, blot it with blotting papers or tissue.


Apply a foundation to bare skin using a brush or a sponge. Use powder, cream or liquid foundation, depending on what your skin tolerates best and doesn’t make your skin feel oily. Don’t forget to draw foundation down to your neck and onto your ears to prevent foundation line. Hope It will be helpful. Be careful while selecting the makeup cosmetics, use quality cosmetics and those with suit your skin. This is again one of the very important factors of long lasting makeup tips.

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Hope that much of guidance would be enough to avoid the zombie look you used to have after a few hours. Enjoy perfect makeup whole day by following these long lasting makeup tips and stay glamorous!

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long lasting makeup tips

So these were a few very simple long lasting makeup tips for you to follow and enjoy a fresh look round the day. Do let us know about these long lasting makeup tips in the comment section.

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