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Top 10 Most Popular and Bestselling Lipstick Brands

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Hey all and sundry! Hope you all are glowing in a good health. You know, there are a few things of grand worth in a women’s life, that she can’t eschew and stay away from and among them is a lipstick! Ladies have a mania for LIPSTICKS. Apart from other make-up items, lip-sticks bear an out of ordinary place. The whole make-over seems meaningless and carry no great weight than does lip-rouge. It can transform the whole appearance of a lady from day look to the night one! Just an ideally synchronized stick can make you appear beautiful and enchanting. Here comes the lost of best lipstick brands worldwide.

Lipstick is the most influential and magnetic item, that everybody sets eyes on. Depending upon the skin tones and types, events, face shapes and features, girls have different pickings and preferences. Some go for red, others prefer nudes, young girls usually love peach, orange and shades of pink. With a massive variety in colors, compositions and innumerable labels in them, making a choice of impeccably suited piece is rather an arduous task to leap over! As lipstick is somewhat that is used on daily basis, so going for something reliable is very important. So here we spruce up the paramount brands of lipsticks, that are well-liked round the globe. You will surely love knowing about the Best Lipstick Brands ever, so to have the best one with you all the time.

List of Top 10 Best Lipstick Brands – Best Branded Lipsticks Ever:

1). Chanel

A leading Fashion-House known for it’s perfumes, ready to wear clothes, bags and cosmetics. It’s most handy product is cosmetics, available worldwide and the lip-paints have several wearable tints, but is an expensive trade-name. They have an enduring effect and are light weight ,so that one can feel contented and comfortable, keeping the maws soft and smooth!

Best Lipstick Brands


2). MAC

A trademark recognized for high-end daily usage goods like eye-shadows, foundations, mascaras, eye-liners and much more. The items for lips provided by MAC are although highly-priced, yet nothing else could beat the tones provided by them. With the matchless and incredible collection, it has got the place in the front line marks of 2014. Also it is the favourite of celebrities.



3). Lancome

A French House, that delivers produces worldwide, with affordable charges. It features scores of skin care and beauty-items. The rouges are incredible with amazing vibrant shades, it is just the thing for every mood. That is dearly loved by many artists, models, stars and stylists.




4). NARS

Founded by Francois Nars, it is basically a beauty-care company. The eminent produces of this corporation includes bronzers, blushers and palettes of eye-shadows. It offer long-lasting and waterproof tones in rouges, enriched with fruit extracts. The unique name given to his dramatic lip-hues is Orgasm!



5). Dior

A high up association established by Christian Dior, that specializes in fragrances, jewelry, accessories etc and it provides the most luxury,trendy and up to the minute stuff. The spectacular and vivid tints has made it everyone’s darling.It has been classified into 3 categories:

  • Diorific
  • Dior-Rouge
  • Dior-Addict

The beautiful vivacious tones leaves orifice with brilliant and astonishing shine.




6).  Estee Lauder

A manufacturer of scents, hair-care-products and beauty-stuff! This mark endows with the pure and energetic tints that are enduring and effective for the whole day.


estee lauder


7). Makeup Forever

Introduced by a well-known artist Dany Sanz, used by many professionals and is expert in granting innovative supplies with lasting formulas. With long-effecting lip-balms, rich hues that only one coat is enough and three finishes comprising of mattes, pearly and satin with appealing shiny and glossy balms as well.


makeup for ever


8).  Bobbi Brown

An expensive mark with wax and multi-vitamins , keeping lips pinkish n’ clean, with a diversity comprising of sheer-lip-colors, matte, rich-lip hues. It’s available everywhere!


bobbi brown


9).  Yves Saint Laurent

Runned by an international designer known for fragrances and it’s lipsticks are soothing and good looking having fruit extracts , anti-oxidants and vitamins providing hydration for upto 8 hours and some even have ingredients that protects from sun’s harmful radiations.


yves saint laurent


10).  Guerlain

Love femininity? Want an amazing look? Wanna give the impression of a model ? Then use Guerlain, that is making supreme efforts to create finer goods. It’s lipsticks  are a durable sign of modernization and are specialist in colours !



How were the best lipstick brands you just found here? Do let us know about your views in our comment section.

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