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Top 10 Most Popular and Best Cosmetic Brands:

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Hey lovelies! Hope you all are hearty and fighting fit. Do you know why people use cosmetics? It is evident that everyone wants to look picturesque and attractive and for that sake, women are more sentient and conscious concerning beauty than men. Obviously, women never pass up to add new products onto their beauty regime. A survey has exposed that people use cosmetics to wipe out the feelings of guilt and worry. Here we would like to discuss and share the list of best cosmetic brands with you.

Cosmetics boost up the radiance and makes the skin glowy and attractive. Beauty products can help one’s personality to be a picture of health and are a great way to help them feel confident whenever one steps out, making them appear alluring and fascinating all the time. For these reasons, many brands are there in the market, with their most excellent beauty-products , available for all skin types and tones, but with the plethora of trademarks, it is quite tricky and strenuous to rummage around for the thing perfect for you! So, here we round up the TOP 10 most famous  and best cosmetic brands of the world.

Top 10 Best cosmetic brands – The Popular International Makeup Brands:

1). L’Oreal:

A distinguished name that incontestably needs no introduction. A French-brand with almost 500 items. At the moment, L’Oreal is the world’s leading trademark with a range of products comprising of make-up, hair care, perfumes, skin care and all that. With the reasonably priced goods, it is the highest selling name worldwide.

Best Cosmetic Brands


2). Avon:

A US based label whose products are sold in 140 countries globally, ranked 2nd largest direct selling mark. Avon is known for it’s beauty-care, house-hold, jewelry, clothing, accessories and other personal-care items. The policy of door-to-door selling helped out for the eventual fame of the trade-name!



3). Lancome:

Lancome is based in France, and is legendary for marvellous mascaras, powdered eye shadows, liquid liners, lipsticks and other stuff, with an experience of 75 years. All make-up by LancOme gives a natural impression and has mammoth number of high end-products. It’s Visionaire foundation has achieved a substantial success among the diligent ladies.


4). Olay:

A brand-name of United States, with each product utterly mind-blowing. The anti-ageing products, skin-care items and foundations have overwhelmed the market within short time. That is why Olay is a celebrated brand in over 180 countries.


5). Maybelline:

Another emerging make of France, that gives a flawless and perfect impact. Maybelline-New York has gained recognition in 129 different parts of the world, famous for nail colours, glosses, eye-liners, mascaras, eye-shadows , bases and much more.



6). MAC:

MAC or Make-up Art-Cosmetics is the topmost reliable, having more than 100 shades for nail-polishes, lip-glosses, eye-shadows and face-items, having everything that a make-up devotee wants! Mac-Products are the top pick of all artists in New-York’s Fashion Week that is held every year.



7). Oriflame:

Originated in the time 1967, by two Swedish brothers, this make sells nutritional, personal-care goods and other supplies like accessories etc, covering almost 60 countries universally. Their splendid commodities are targeting all age groups, with affordable price ranges.




8). Cover Girl:

The most popular name, centred in US. The chief element behind their popularity is that they invest mainly on advertisements , and even had hired some dominant models like Tyra Banks and Christie Brinkley. Also this brand is well-liked by the celebrities as well!



9). Clinique:

The only incomparable label, that has been verified for making allergy-free stuff. As is dermatologically tested, consequently it is the favourite and penchant of all acne-facing people . Clinique has a special feature that their produces are created, keeping in mind the climatic conditions!



10). Revlon:

Though an oldest tag, yet is proficient to magnetize young-women through their terrific lip-gloss, lip-sticks, fragrances, nail-paints and other stuff. Revlon attributes affordability and hence is sold worldwide. A complete quintessence of creativity!



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