Avalon Beautiful Embroidered Diwali Dhamaka Saree Collection

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Hey Ladies! Are you done with your preparations for the upcoming festival of lights, Diwali? There is merely a week and half left to go for it and you really need to complete your preparations at least a week before the festival. If you have still not found your festive dress than this article may help you find an outfit of your choice. As per the Indian culture Saree is the most commonly worn dress by Indian women. And when it comes to occasions like Diwali, Holi and Shivratri, this dress completes the beauty and femininity of the celebrating women. No matter what the occasion or event may be this ever green dress is worn since ages by the women of Middle East. The collection that is just going to be unwrapped in the following section has been launched by Avalon. You must be familiar with this very popular name of fashion industry famous for designing apparels, trendy clothes and best quality sarees.

Avalon being founded back in 2009 has made it’s way towards success within a short span of time and is now known well in other regions of the world in addition to Malaysia. If you are looking for a saree that completely changes your look on the festival then the following section is going to help you find one. Just scroll your eyes down the screen and go through this inspiring assortment which will definitely help you refill your festive wardrobe with beautiful and stylish sarees.

Avalon Diwali Dhamaka Embroidered Saree Collection for women:

Diwali Dhamaka Saree Collection 2015-2016 for women has brought a handsome range of exclusive and unique printed sarees that will surely make you down at knees and you will love to have these pretty outfits for the upcoming festival of Dewali / Deepavali. This collection line has introduced beautiful silk and chiffon sarees embellished with elegant embroideries in vibrant and festive colours making them fit perfectly into the festive domain of Diwali. This event being known as the ‘festival of lights’ demands bright colors which have been wonderfully covered in this assortment. Have a look at all these designs in the photo gallery being posted below. You can purchase these items from the brand’s outlet or you may get them delivered to your doorstep by placing your orders. Enjoy the collection and share your views with us in the comment box. Stay connected with Stylesglamour for more collections.

Avalon-Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection (7)Avalon-Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection (1) Avalon-Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection (2) Avalon-Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection (4) Avalon-Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection (5) Avalon-Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection (6)Avalon-Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection (3)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (30)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (18)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (1)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (20)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (22)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (23)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (31)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (4)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (8)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (11)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (13)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (24)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (28)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (9)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (17)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (26)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (2)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (3)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (16)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (5)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (7)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (10)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (14)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (21)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (25)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (27)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (29)Diwali-Dhamaka-Saree-Collection-2014-2015 (15)

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    in mangalore we can get this sarry if yes where which shop please let us know.

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