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5 tips to become budget-friendly fashion icon

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What is a fashion icon? The one who looks fashion as an art. An art that is strong enough to turn all eyes on one and distinct that person beautifully. Not only women, not particularly men, it doesn’t matter at all from which gender, age and geographical region you belong, it’s inside everyone to look fabulous.

How good are you in following trends and fashion? Are you a fashion icon in your community? Do you turn heads while roaming around? If no, then why not?

Do you think that being a fashion icon is only meant for celebrities or other public figures? Or do you think it is meant for those who have bundles of money in their bank accounts and that it will cause a lot of damage to your wallet? Ah, that is where you are very wrongly wrong.

You can be a slay king or queen without causing disastrous damage to your wallet. And by that I do not mean to stop you buying quality branded clothes. You only need to be smart and creative and abracadabra! You’ll be the fashion icon that you’ve always dreamed of. Read the content below to know how you can be the one.

1-Don’t forget to take advantage from sales:

If you like any product while shopping do not buy it immediately if you don’t really need it. Why? Because after sometime it’ll be on seasonal sale and you can get it on discount. Have some patience and after a short time you’ll get the same item in lesser price. It doesn’t take too long to wait for sale, almost all the brands have special sales on holidays i.e. 23rd March sale, Eid sale, Mother’s day sale and the list goes on and on other than their seasonal sales. Remember, patience is all what you need.

2- Hunt for coupons:

Have you ever used one? Coupons are the perfect way to save more of your money on shopping. Many bloggers, apps and websites offer coupons and help you know deals of different brands, you just need be attentive and keep looking for them.

tips to become fashion icon that you have always dreamed of

3- Hold your horses and set a budget:

We all are crazy for shopping. Yes. And as for that we often buy a lot of unnecessary things. Why? Because your shopaholic soul pushes you in state of desperateness. And you make your mind up that “Oh its cute and trendy why not buy it”. Trust me! This gets out of control and you regret it bitterly later.

Patience is virtue

Hold your horses right there. If you really want to become budget friendly fashion icon you need to make smart choices. You can have all what you want but don’t let you wallet do the suffering. Spend your money wisely and smartly.

4- Shop from thrift online stores:

If you shop from economy store, there is no shame in it. Here in Pakistan where some brands are super expensive there are those brands too which offer you quality, trendy and fashion-savvy clothes and accessories in economically affordable prices. Why not pick them?

And now online stores like P and J emporium are like icing over cake. Which offer you clothes of different brands under single niche in pretty much affordable prices. Moreover these online stores have deals, discounts and offers of their own don’t forget to benefit yourself from them.

Shop from authenticated online stores and fill up your closet with quality branded fashion-savvy clothes.

Shop online

5-Persue blogger’s closet:

Follow up your favorite fashion bloggers on social media platforms and keep a check that they are having a closet sale or not. Also they keep offering giveaways, coupons and discounts on clothes, make up, jewelry and other fashion accessories and very frankly who doesn’t love such things.

It’s not impossible is it? Why look boring and dull when you can be fabulous? Remember, the more you follow these tips the merrier will it get for you. Try them and let us know in the comment section below how it worked out for you. Also if I missed anything you can add it up below.

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