4 Reasons to Switch to Organic Foundation

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Social media and video sharing sites have revolutionized the makeup routine of millions of girls in the United States. Makeup tutorials and online shopping havemade it easier to access and apply cosmetics. With a dizzying array of makeup for all sorts of skin types, even a makeup maven needs help in choosing the perfect one.

One of the first steps in the makeup routine is the foundation. It provides a base from where you will build your whole makeup routine on. There are foundations of varying consistencies, colors, and textures.

The liquid foundation is an excellent choice because of its versatility;it’s very easy to match skin tones. The liquid form is also easy to apply and blend, especially for beginners. You will see that it works to help conceal fine lines and pores better than the powder form.

Organic foundation

You may be using a favorite brand of this makeup must-have. If it’s not organic, bear in mind that there is a more viable and healthier alternative. Dispose of the synthetic makeup in your beauty arsenal and go organic. You can start with an organic foundation and work your way up to other natural products.

Here are the reasons why you need to ditch and switch your old ways.

1. Organic Foundation Will Keep Irritation at Bay

Who needs rashes on a first date? Who wants to have an itchy face during an important job interview? There is no one, of course. The synthetically-made foundation is more likely to cause skin irritations. They contain chemicals and fragrances that can trigger rashes or itching. Inflammation may cause premature aging, as well.

The organic foundation does not include harmful chemicals. It will keep your skin healthy and glowing today and for the years to come.

2. Organic Foundation Provides Nutrients to the Skin

Remember that what you apply on the skin will be absorbed by the body. Scientific data states that exposure may pose harm to the body even if these chemicals have not been ingested. The minimal amount may not cause damage, but regular exposure could. Further studies will be needed for conclusive evidence. But for now, stay on the safe side and be mindful of what you put on your skin.

Since the organic foundation contains vitamins and minerals, when your skin absorbs it, it will contribute to your holistic wellbeing.

3. Organic Foundation is Great for the Environment

You may be wondering how a seemingly innocent cosmetic like foundation may harm the environment. You will be surprised how even a small amount, if used regularly, can add to the tons of toxins that the earth’s waters endure daily.

When you take a shower, your synthetic foundation, together with other cosmetics, go down the drain and into the water systems. These chemicals harm aquatic life and disturb the ecological balance.

By using an organic foundation, toxins that flow into rivers, lakes, and oceans will be minimized. How is that for making yourself and Mother Nature beautiful at the same time?

4. Organic foundation Would not Clog Pores

These helpful tiny openings in your skin facilitate the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide that aids your skin in breathing. The pores also allow toxins from your body to come out through secreted oils and sweat.

Synthetic foundation clogs the pores, which can result in blackheads and acne. It may eventually lead to a horrific breakout.

The organic foundation will provide a smooth finish without blocking the pores. You will continue to glow without fear of that dreaded zit.

This generation is already reaping the benefits of all things organic, from food to beverages, and linen to supplements. Now is the time to include makeup in this all-natural revolution. It’s time to make the switch to organics!

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