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Pakistani Wedding Invitation Card Designs and Trends 2017

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Wedding celebrations reach to the level of utmost joy when you gladly handover those delightful wedding invites to all the special invitees. The design of your wedding invitation cards speaks volume about your personal choices, preferences and the theme of the event you are arranging to celebrate your big day. It’s one of our valued tradition and regarded as symbol of respect when you send specially designed wedding cards to your friends and relatives to formally invite them to the celebration of most memorable days of your life.

In this super loaded era of graphic designing, there are tons of different options for you to style your wedding invitations, therefore having a bit of a knowhow, about contemporary wedding card trends and designs have become an absolute necessity. This is the reason we have gathered up latest of all the fascinating wedding card ideas for you. Let’s scroll hard and have a look.

Pakistani wedding invitation cards

Pakistani wedding invitation cards 2017 Designs and Trends:

Posted below is a gallery full of trendy ideas and designs of wedding invitation cards. Starting from simple and elegant designs to funky and adorned ones, this collection will leave you spellbound with its outclass composition. If you are in need of a unique design of your wedding invitation card then go through these ideas and find the appropriate one. Just scroll your eyes down the screen and explore these unique ideas.


1. This particular card is full of accentuating intricate patterns with boost of white blended with graceful brown. If you are up for next level of sophistication then, this card is perfect for you. From the decency of its fonts and wedding emblems, everything is nicely designed.

Elegant wedding card

2. Highlighting the beauty of traditional laceworks, this beauty in ivory and bronze is certainly best to suit to bridal shimmers. The depth of work in its front cover is mesmerizing, the envelope itself is so heavily designed that the card inside could be kept simple and elegant with us of bronze in the text.

Wedding invitation card design

3. It has such a unique and innovation way of presenting your invites. The card itself is bordered with elegant blue framework which is not covering the text but highlighting its beauty in completely unusual manner.

Blue and white invitation card for wedding

4. This card is one heavy dose of regal touch. The initials of names in the center of the card needs special mention here, as these are most distinctive feature of this design. The combo of purple with fawn is on the other is also quite tempting.

Maroon wedding invitation card

5. Richly engraved with traditional Indian motifs over the envelope and the card, this package deems perfect for desi eastern wedding. The amalgamations of bold colors are put together in a nice balance together.

Fancy wedding invitation card

6. Inspired from western origins, this card style is gaining immense popularity in Pakistan. People have always admired Wedding Cards on a Scroll, but this particular design is nailing the whole concept perfectly. White, printed with golden text along with the use of red lace work is indeed appeasing.

Off-white and red wedding card

7. A very distinctive idea to design cards different for each event, is to give them touches of different colors but border using a same design. Its gold engraved borders are creating such a pleasing contrast for the sight.

Unique idea of wedding invitation card

8. If you want to create an amusing contrast for your wedding card, then go for this particular one. It’s a half and half open enveloped card, bordered with intricate designs and contrasted with white printed text card inside.

Perfect wedding card

9. For all the pink lovers, here is a decent option for your wedding card design. It is finely printed with contrasting pattern all over the envelope and bordered with hints of golden ribbon.

Tradational wedding invitation card

10. Most innovative of all, this card is full splashing colors paired with charming white. The base is printed with colorful Indian patterns, complementing the opening fronts fringed with cut work.

Colorful wedding card

11. A double folded envelope for the wedding card deems perfect to organize your separate invites for Valima and Barat. Especially this one in fancy white and blue. To add more charm to the contrast, the cards are bordered with colorful block patterns.

White and navy blue contrast of wedding invitaion card

12. Here is another card with Name initials on it. This time, these initials are perfectly engraved in the center of opening folds. The card however is kept inside with prominent golden text over dark black.

Royal wedding invitation card design

13. Fuchsia Pink is an alluring color to print your wedding card in. Its monochromatic embossed patterns are highlighted with shining central motifs.

Fuchsia Pink wedding card

14. Silver got some great outlook in this elegantly designed wedding card. The card is embellished with decent ribbon work at the bottom and studded with pearl flower in the center.

Silver wedding card with cherry red colored ribbon

15. Indigo is indeed a delight to your sight, certainly through this wedding card it is pulling off one amazing designs. The use infused grey with prominent cream and gold is decently highlighting it text and the motif art.

Indigo wedding card design
16. A very soft and mellow outlook for a wedding card with hints of red in this beautifully designed motif at center.

Shadi card

17. A great use of glaring brooch with contrasting band and printed floral patterns all over the wedding card. This card is everything you ever dreamt of about your wedding invites.

Wedding card design with shining brooch

18. Hanging chandeliers and patterned embossed borders are greatly pulling off the beat of actual desi wedding. Plus the darker base is complementing it perfectly.

Wedding card design with hanging chandeliers and patterned embossed borders

19. Its front red folds, splash of golden prints and elegant fonts inside makes this card worth opting for. It is decently covered into a translucent cover, which makes it even more distinctive.

Wedding invitation card with red folds and splash of golden prints

20. Perhaps the most opted design for wedding cards is this one. Its amalgamation of black with white and golden prints is what attracts most of the people. Moreover it’s more compact in its form.

Black and white wedding card with golden prints

Try one of these amazing ideas of wedding invitation cards which are quite in trend in these days. Do not forget to share your views with us. Stay tuned with Stylesglamour for more wedding ideas and trends.

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