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New formal and casual styles of Shaded Mehndi for Hands and Feet

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Mehndi, the color of our eastern celebrations, holds special place when it comes to our desi weddings. From bride to the bridesmaid, everyone needs a full bash of mehndi patterns to flaunt their style. So whether it’s bridal mehndi or formal one, you need variety of designs to fill in the latest fashion trends. Most popular among them, are the shaded mehndi designs. Mere delicacy and intricacy is not enough, life to the patterns often comes with diffusing shades filled inside the floral patterns and other motifs.

Mehndi is an old tradition and it is loved by every lady on the planet. The trend of applying henna is now also followed in the western culture as well. When it comes to weddings, the brides look for henna styles and designs which nobody else has ever tried before. They try to search unique henna patterns to decorate their hands and thus need to know what’s in trend. Be it a bride or bridesmaid, shaded mehndi style which is quite in trend these days can suit everyone and is certainly loved and tried by the most as well.

Shaded henna seems a bit tricky to be tried but it is not that difficult. It simply needs to be applied with a bit neatness and nothing much. You can either use some different hues of henna and make a tempting contrast or simply fade in or out the mehndi you are using for designs. How you can balance variety of shades with variant different patterns is what you going you learn here with our latest Intel about the shaded mehndi designs. We will provide you a bunch of creative options that you can try for any formal occasion or desi celebrations. Well, let’s get started.

Shaded mehndi

Shaded Mehndi Designs for hands and feet:

Posted below are a few unique designs of the trendy shaded mehndi style. The photo gallery includes images of intricate shaded mehndi patterns, simple ones, bridal henna designs, shaded tikki style henna, and shaded henna with motifs. You can try these on your hands and feet for casual routine as well as on events and wedding ceremonies etc. Let’s scroll down a little and have a look.

1. Bridal Shaded mehndi designs:

As bridal mehndi has to be loaded with heavy patterns, filling in with henna will serve the purpose. Twisted spiral patterns, floral designs everything looks good when shaded with lighter henna. Even you can pair the peacock patterns with shaded designs. Start with simple interconnected patterns and complete the outlines then go for the shading, using a separate shade of mehndi cone. This distinctively highlights the outlines and the contrast it creates with the light shades inside. This technique best suits to arq henna, where you can carry the actual colors of henna without washing it away. For bride, the pattern should be bold and prominent, else it will soon fade away. Arabic and Turkish style Mehndi designs look best in shaded patterns.

2. Formal shaded Henna designs:

If you want to keep it all nice and decent, then you can try a bit formal mehndi designs. You can carry these designs to any formal dinner, wedding or Eid celebrations. They are intricate patterns with hints of shades inside. You can simple create a floral “bail” and later fill it with dark to lighter shades. You can also use glitters to highlight the boundaries. Formal mehndi designs, covers a part of your hands so in a way they complement your hand shape and spark a well-balanced look. These designs are a great mix of our traditional mehndi patterns and all the latest urban designs.

Beautiful mehndi bail with shaded patterns

3. Intricate shaded Mehndi patterns:

Sometimes when you go for more intricate designs, filling in might not help. For such designs you create a shaded effect using lighter patterns inside. These patterns are fascinating in their delicacy and look great for girls of all age. For casual designs you can simply opt these patterns and create a unique style by adding hints of shading of your choice. Besides minute shading, we make use of dots, block patterns and spirals.

4. Shaded foot mehndi designs:

For brides a perfect foot mehndi designs are equally important. These should complete the patterns used on the hands or latest trends you are following. If you want shaded patterns for your feet too, then you got be careful with this one. Going overboard with this might ruin the balance, keep the patterns simple then fill them in with desired shades. Focus the shadings just inside the floral petals or inside the leaves or peacocks.

5. Shaded tikki style mehndi designs:

A beautiful tikiya design is central to all the mehndi trends. One can never get enough of this, so why not turn it into something more alluring. Well, adding in lots of shades instead of simple filling will create a charming effect to tikiya design. Not just the central patterns but the designs surrounding the tikiya are also filled with light shades to complement the whole design.

6. Shaded mehndi patterns with motifs:

The most suitable form of shaded mehndi designs are the small motifs. Motifs are extremely casual and you can carry them in routine or even to any special function. The real charms of the motifs appear only after you add excessive shading to these. Shadings should be under the curves of spirals, inside the petals, rings and leaves. Either crafted over hands, arms or feet the shaded motifs can be created in a linked pattern with each central motif filled with heavy dose of shadings.

All these styles of shaded mehndi are quite easy to be tried once you learn completely how to apply them. You can try any of these to decorate your hands and feet for an upcoming event. Leave your feedback on these henna designs in the comment box below. Stay connected with Stylesglamour for more casual and formal henna styles.

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