Trendy makeup ideas and styles for different eye colors

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Your eyes speak a thousand things even when you do not utter a single word that is true to every extent possible. Owing to the importance of our eyes, they need special makeup that could accentuate their curves and spark the colors inside. As eye colors vary from one extreme to another, every individual needs different kind of techniques and shades to brighten up their eyes. Whatever shades you use from the palette always consider your eye color first. Our today’s post will be covering up some unique and trendy ideas of makeup for different eye colors.

If you are having pale green eyes and you go for extreme darker shades like smokey black then it might ruin the balance of your makeover. You need various shades blended into one. But how would you know which eyeshade suits best to your eye color, this is where we step in; styles glamour is going to give you a range full of options you can experiment with your looks. So, with no hesitation and any second thoughts, scroll ahead and find the answers you have been looking for years. Embrace your beauty and flaunt it with diversity of styles and colors.

Makeup for different eye colors

Makeup for different eye colors – Exclusive ideas and trends:

Posted below are the trendy ideas and styles of makeup for different eye colors. You can choose the appropriate style just according to your eye color. Be it hazel, green, blue, grey or brown, you can find all the unique makeup styles for your beautiful eyes here. Yet, some of these styles are generic and they can be tried with any colored eye. For example if you have grey eyes with multi-tones, you can also try the makeup ideas appropriate for blue-colored eyes as while wearing blue dress, your eyes might appear as blue. Scroll down and start exploring all the ideas and tips of makeup for different eye colors that you can follow for a perfect look.

Makeup ideas for different eye colors

Makeup for Hazel eyes:

Hazel eyes have the most amazing amalgamation of brown, green and grey. You can practically see all the colors blending in together. Such prettiest colors need to be brighten up and highlighted through diffusing shades of brown. Though you can always try other colors like the charming blue or green but your base line should be smudged with dark brown shades. The darker shades will create a healthy contrast for your eyes.

Makeup for hazel eyes

At first cover your lid with a primer of matching tone. Then around the lash line, use dabs of darkest brown and diffuse it through the central. The central lid should be covered in lighter shades of nude. Blend them well, use a bit black around the groove to accentuate the eyes. This will give you a basic eye makeup, now you can add hints of other around the corners if need to match or contrast with your outfit. Use prominent bold eyeliner and voluminous mascara and your eyes will be ready to shine like a diamond.

Makeup ideas for hazel eyes

Makeup look for hazel colored eyes

Makeup ideas for Grey eyes:

Grey eyes look like a treasure chest, with a sparkling gem inside. Such precious eyes, need to be accentuated with appropriate eyeshadows and balanced mixing. For grey eyes, use of excessive colors might not help you to get the best outlook. You should follow the theme matching to the lenses’ color. Like black always looks good with grey so you can use smokey effect for grey eyes. Blue, white, graphite black, shining silver, these all shades will give your eyes a perfect spark.

Makeup for grey colored eyes

As grey is a lighter shade, you must use heavy lining of eye liner, this will uplift the natural grey. Always blend the shades with the liner and mascara. Whatever shades you use, just keep it dark around the lash line.

Makeup style for grey eyes

Makeup ideas for beautiful grey eyes

Makeup ideas for Green eye-color:

Green is a tricky color to experiment with. This shade varies from greyish green to brownish green, as it is extremely light you need to be extra careful while putting on makeup. Best way to highlight your green eyes is to simply keep them natural by just putting on nude shades, browner corners and single layer of eyeliner.

Makeup look for green eyes

As the shade range almost lies in the hazel colors, you can go with the same techniques we use for hazel colored eyes, like the use of golden, ivory, brown, coffee, copper, bronze and beige eyes will be most suitable for green eyes.

Eye makeup for green eyes

Green eyes makeup look for women

Makeup style for green eyes

Angelina Jolie's beautiful green eyes in makeup

Makeup styles for Brown colored eyes:

Plenty of the people has brown colored eyes, especially in our part of the world. But this single color has range of darker and lighter shades so the diversity should meet new techniques for eye makeup. Best to opt for brown eyes, is the smokey eye makeup. This will suit best to the inner diffusion of colors.

Makeup style for brown eyes

Try to use gleaming shades to add up the glamour to your eyes. Cover both the upper and lower lash lines with layer of dark brown. The inner corners of the eyes should be lighter than the outer corners. You can experiment with all the alternatives of brown, golden and copper shades. Shades of pastel peach and rosy pink are also good for brown eyes.

Makeup for brown colored eyes

Makeup ideas for brown eye color

Makeup ideas for Blue eyes:

As rare these are, blue eyes have their own special charm. So what can you do to accentuate it charms.

Makeup look for blue eyes

Well whatever you do, always focus on the lash lines, this is the area which needs to be most highlighted with liners, eyeshades and heavy dose of mascara. For rest of the eyelid, use lighter tones of grey, silver, white or blue.

Makeup for blue colored eyes

The makeup style which suits blue eyes

So which of these unique ideas of makeup for different eye colors are you going to try? Do share your views with us. Leave your comments in the comment section below and stay tuned with Stylesglamour’s Makeup gallery for more information on makeover trends and ideas.

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