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DIY Natural and Organic Remedies to treat Dry and Cracked Heels

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Autumn has now set in, taking our breaths away with the magical display of leaves blowing up in the air. Everything about this season is fascinating, except the dryness it brings upon us. It’s about time that we should start taking extra care of our skin as it is going to need extra moisturizing and nourishment. It’s easy to take care of your facial skin and hands but those cracked heels needs special attention. The problem may aggravate if you don’t take effective measures right away. And trust me, it never looks nice when you walk in a pretty sandal with cracked heels. Walk with confidence, embrace style up to the fullest and get rid of those chapped heels with our simple and natural cracked heels treatment that we are just going to discuss in this article.

Cracked and chapped heels is a very common and irritating problem faced by men and women equally. It generally occurs in Winter and spoils the entire beauty of one’s feet. If you wish to have beautiful feet or you want to retain the beauty of your already pretty feet then you must take extra care of them, especially the heels which are more vulnerable to dirt and production of dead skin cells. You need to keep them clean and take some important measures to make them stay healthy as well.

Treatment for cracked heels

DIY Cracked heels treatment:

There are two ways to deal with the problem of dried up heels. First is the prevention and the other is the cure. For prevention you need to follow a beauty routine to take care of your feet. This might need you to do three simple things.

How to prevent cracked heels?

An organic treatment with following simple routines can make you stay away from the problem of dry and chapped heels. This cracked heels treatment is quite effective and organic at the same time.

1. Soak your feet:

As dried heels are covered with layers of dead skin cells, your first concern should be to get rid of those. Simply scrapping it off won’t help, you need to soak your feet and soften the hardened skin. Either simply soak your feet in Lukewarm water or Listerine water, both are proven to be effective to moisturize and soften your skin. Soak your feet in it for 20 to 30 minutes.

Soak feet in Listerine water to treat cracked heels

2. Scrub Well:

The next step is to scrap the dead cells off from your heels. Use a loofah, pumice stone or some cream scrub and rub your cracked heel gently for 5 minutes. After this clean your feet well and move on to the next step.

Scrub your heels

3. Moisturize daily:

Up next comes the moisturizing part, which is the most essential thing. Your cracked heels need lots of hydration, moisture, and nourishment. So use a good quality moisturizer and put it on. You need to add this step to your daily routine. Moisturize after every shower and before going to bed. You will witness a visible difference in just a week.

Apply moisturizer on heels

DIY remedies to cure cracked heels:

Those who need immediate solution to the problem of cracked heels, can try some DIY remedies and get ten times softer and flawless heels. These all are 100 percent natural and organic remedies which are easy to try. Follow this natural cracked heels treatment and you will see the results in days.

1. Lemon, Glycerin, Rose Water Foot Mask:

This foot mask works like a miracle and it has everything that your foot skin probably need in frosty winter. The lemon has vitamin C which nourishes the skin. The glycerin and rose water retain all the moisture in the skin. Mix every ingredient in equal proportion and apply generously under your feet. Massage your heels in particular and then wash it after 20 to 30 minutes. Do this at least thrice a week and you will witness the change.


Glycerine, lemon juice and rose water to cure cracked heels

2. Banana and Avocado Foot Mask:

Banana and avocado mix is a treat for your skin. Take one banana and half Avocado, make a paste of two then mix them well and apply it on your heels and let it stay for 15 minutes. The mixture is quite nourishing for the skin. Add drop of vitamin E oil if available and the mask will replenish your skin in no time.

Banana and avocado mask for dry heels

Apply banana and avocado mask on feet to cure dry heels

3. Vaseline and Lemon Juice Remedy:

We all use Vaseline to fight against flaky and dry skin. Take one tablespoon of Vaseline, 2 to 3 drops of lemon juice and some warm water, mix them together then apply on under your feet. Let your skin absorb all the moisture and then wash it off. Try this remedy after every two days and you will notice the difference.

Vaseline and Lemon Juice remedy for dry heels

4. Paraffin Wax Natural Remedy:

Paraffin wax is a decades old remedy to cure cracked heels. And if you mix paraffin wax with 2 to 3 drops of coconut oil, it will do wonders for your foot skin. Keep this mixture in a bottle and constantly apply it after every wash or simply soak your feet in Paraffin wax tub.

Soak your feet in Paraffin Wax to treat dry heels

5. Honey to cure cracked heels:

Honey is the master ingredient which can cure all the skin problems, especially the cracked heels. Apply honey on your heels either directly or mix it with some Lukewarm water then apply it. Try this remedy after every other day or once a week and you will feel the difference.

Apply honey on feet for smooth heels without cracks

So, how did you find this super easy ‘cracked heels treatment’ full of purely natural and organic cures? Follow both the above mentioned methods of prevention and cure in combination to get the best results. Enjoy a beautiful look of your feet with soft and smooth heels by trying these organic treatments, and wear whatever type of shoes you wish to wear. To find more beauty hacks and natural tips for your skin and hair, visit our Beauty Tips gallery.

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