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Exclusive Bridal wear Jewelry Designs 2017-2018 Trends

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Richness of our traditional eastern culture is most reflected through our wedding customs and celebrations. Your imagination turns wild with the ultimate display of colors and shimmers of each wedding celebration. One thing that holds your attention the most is the prettiest Bridal makeover, the amazing dresses and mesmerizing jewelries. Adorning a bride with heavy traditional bridal jewelry is most significant part of this makeover.

Be it mehndi, barat or Walima function, wearing matching jewels is very much important for a bride to look complete. Although the trend of heavy jewels has faded a bit, yet it is most significant part of a bride’s makeover. Light and precious jewels are preferred for Reception and Engagement functions while heavy jewels might be picked up for Barat day to keep that traditional look.

As there are number of options available, it can be bit troublesome to go for something extremely unique, stylish and most suitable to your outfit. Therefore today, Style Glamour brings you latest of all popular Bridal Jewelry Trends of the year 2017. So let’s scroll hard and explore all the recent trends for jewelries.

Armeena Rana Khan wearing pretty Bridal jewels

Bridal Jewelry Trends 2017-2018 in Pakistan:

The following section explores latest designs and trends of bridal jewelry in Pakistan and India. These designs have been followed since ages in the Eastern culture. Gold jewels are generally prefered by most of the brides but there are many varieties in trend now. Different styles of bridal jewels which are common these days in the bridal fashion include jhoomar, maang tikka, mathapatti, choker necklaces and nosering etc. Be very careful about which styles go perfect with your dress and makeover, otherwise the entire look may be spoiled. And to get idea about which styles are in trend these days, just scroll down and go through this gallery full of wonderful jewelry designs.

Heavy Kundan Jewelry:

One can never get enough of the classic Kundan jewelry, though may it be any era, our desi weddings deem perfect to wear heavy Kundan sets. Especially when it comes to brides, Kundan suits most to the gleam and glitters of the bridal dress and makeover. Moreover, Kundan jewelry is studded with colored gems which you can pair and match with your outfits of Barat, Valima and even Mehndi.

Beautiful Kundan jewelry for brides

Bridal Kundan Jewels in green color

Beautiful bride wearing Kundan jewellry

Bridal Gold Jewelry:

Gold jewelry holds special significance to our traditional Pakistani wedding culture. It has been in trend since many generations and still, girls love to carry gold on their special day. Now the designs are enhanced into much more delicate patterns with intricate combinations of gems and pearls. Be it the fancy jhoomar, jhumkis, matha Patti, nose ring or necklaces, it all looks perfect when crafted in pretty gold. Adding pearls of contrasting colors brings more beauty into it, like dash of emerald green, maroon, red etc.

Pretty Gold jewelry designs for brides

Bridal Gold jewellry

Wedding gold jewelry for brides

Meenakari Bridal Jewelry:

Intricacy and details reach to another level with the classic Meenakari jewelry. It’s crafted with great precision using delicate patterns. Either in gold, lime gold, ivory, silver, and beige or in any other colors, all the pieces of bridal set when designed in Meenakari style, it turns out to be extremely alluring and complements all those embellishments and shimmering embroideries over the bridal dress. Here we have narrowed down few of the most amazing Meenakari Jewelry designs which are so up to the latest trends for bridal jewelry.

Meenakari mathapatti for brides

Meenakari jewels for wedding brides

Heavy Bridal Meenakari jewels

Temple Jewelry for Brides:

Temple jewelry has somewhat more of an antique classic royal look. The jewelry is crafted with embossed patterns and prominent cuts and grooves. Its heavy outlook and regal touch makes it perfect for any bride. Mellow and pastel hued pearls are also added to it to spark more traditional Indian style out of it. This particular style is most suitable for your Barat day outlook, as it goes perfectly with heavy lehenga and bold colors.

Precious Temple jewelry for brides

Temple jewelry for royal brides

Beautiful temple jewellery design

Traditional Gota Jewelry:

For quite a while now, Gota jewelry has been back in the trend, so much that even the brides are seen carrying it in various styles. Due to the bright colors and shimmering Gota work in this jewelry, it seems perfect for Mehndi, mayoon and sangeet like celebrations. From heavy jhumkas to jhoomars and necklaces, everything piece is now available in fine Gota style. Variation of colors and hints of pearls, cut mirrors and gems, all are used now to bring the best out of bridal Gota jewelry.

Bridal gota jewelry for mehndi

Gota jewelry for brides

Gota jewelry for mehndi brides

Floral Jewelry for Brides:

Adorning a bride with fresh lovely flowers has always been a custom and lovely tradition of our eastern weddings. But now it has become even more stylish and particularly classy with the trending floral jewelries. Fresh roses, white jasmines, blooming Marigold, all such pretty flowers are used to craft beautiful head pieces, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. It’s extremely light and handy to carry, simple in outlook yet looks amazing with your Mehndi or mayoon outfits. Even girls these days prefer floral jewelry over others due to the blossoming freshness it brings.

Fresh Floral Jewelry for mehndi brides

Mehndi bride wearing Floral Jewelry

Flower Jewellery for mehndi bride

Filigree Bridal Jewelry:

Twisted swirling patterns are the fascinating specialty of pretty Filigree Bridal jewelries. The curling patterns are studded with shiny pearls and gems which makes it even more perfect to carry on your special day. Filigree jewelries are available in variant colors and diverse patterns, so it gives you a world full of options to consider for Walima, Barat and other wedding celebrations. Here are some top notch latest trending filigree designs which will head you to the best option available.

Twisted swirling patterns of Filigree Bridal Jewelry

Beautiful Filigree Bridal Jewellery with green pearls

Sajal Ali wearing Filigree Bridal Jewelry

Which of these jewels are perfect for your big day? Do try these exclusive trends for all your wedding functions and be the trendiest bride ever. Complement your looks and your adorable wedding outfits with these classy jewels and look perfect on your wedding. Leave your feedback about these bridal wear trends in the comment section below. Stay connected with Stylesglamour for more updates on bridal wear fashion and trends.

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